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Why we are doing this "know-to-now" project

The development of the blockchain has been going on for several years. In recent years, since everyone heard about Bitcoin, they gradually came to know that there is something called the blockchain.

But more cognition still stays on Bitcoin and speculation. Although there is no shortage of good blockchain projects, in front of the total amount, the vast majority of projects will make you lose money.

Entering the "currency circle" is actually quite difficult for users. You have mastered the "eighteen martial arts", but you are just getting started.

For example, knowing some English (Google translate also counts), knowing how to "scientifically surf the Internet", knowing what "kyc" is, and learning to trade (buying and selling coins), these are all basic homework to be mastered.

You also need to have an in-depth understanding of various public chain technical backgrounds, consensus algorithms, learn to read white papers, and be able to understand trading K-line.

It is necessary to mix in various communities, grasp the dynamics of the project party first-hand, and pay attention to twitter celebrities.

To pretend to understand.

He joked about "Meituan Delivery" and talked about the stalk of takeaway electric cars.

Fuel yourself, cheer yourself up. Hypnotize yourself, hypnotize yourself. . . . . .

In fact, the threshold of the blockchain is very high, and the circle is full of chaos, but what is the blockchain?

From the strategic height of major countries in the world, we know that the blockchain itself is excellent. Through a consensus, the decentralization of code is the law. The most successful blockchain case is Bitcoin, which has created a myth of rich or negative. Based on the understanding and cognition of the blockchain, it is not only helping us to speculate on coins, but the greater value is that it is beneficial to the blockchain technology to open our cognition and open a new window for our work and life. .

It could potentially reshape our worldview, cosmology (metaverse), reshape our understanding of finance (defi, gamefi, machinefi), and even change our definition of trust.

Because the blockchain itself is to solve the problem of trust. A kind of trust based on decentralization. The blockchain is so important, it seems that the price of Bitcoin has risen so high. Seems like a big bubble, right?

In fact, because of the high threshold of users in the blockchain circle (who can explain it clearly in a few words), the proportion of user groups in the world is still extremely low.

Everyone lacks a channel to understand the blockchain through scenes other than being cut leeks. Know-to-earn is just such a channel, a channel that opens the door to blockchain knowledge.

We hope to create a simple and interesting blockchain knowledge question and answer system to help blockchain users around the world improve their blockchain awareness.

You can also make money while raising awareness, learn while earning, KNOW TO EARN.

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