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2022-04-18 Project release

20220418-0424 Week 1

Website launch project release
KNOW Token Release
KNOW/IOTX liquidity provision
Invitation to register airdrop event online
Blog online
First Community AMA Event
Project white paper released

20220425-0501 Week 2

Genesis NFT Event Released nft based on iotex knowledge base and featured emoticons
Limited to 1000 pieces, 1000iotex one, each is different T
he composite expression pack is limited to 10 groups, each 5000iotex
Genesis nft holders participate in a fixed 5% project income dividend --- evenly distributed according to the number of holdings; compound emoji package NFT, one is converted according to the number of holdings of 10
Official promotional video released
Machiniefi airdrop solution

May 2022

Liquidity mining
Support to provide and mortgage liquidity, mining and output governance token KNOWI
Genesis NFT expression packs are produced, released and sold 20 per day

June 2022

Genesis NFT production, release and sale 20 per day

August 2022 Knowledge quiz 1.0 is online

Complete core process development, support learning to answer questions and make money
Complete the bonus distribution of the dividend income pool (calculated from the first income fund of the project)

October 2022

Knowledge Q&A 2.0 is online
pk contest function is online
Traveling Miles Plan ​

November 2022

MORE game to confuse KNOW

December 2022

Centralized Exchange Application

February 2023

Cross-chain Support

. . .

IOTEX+KNOW to the moon ​ ​