Know to video

  1. What is KNOW TO VIDEO?

    • KNOW TO VIDEO is the world's first web3-based AI tool for generating short graphic videos with just one click. Users can input a keyword or a theme, and the tool automatically generates a video complete with titles, images, subtitles, background music, and voice-over.

  2. What problem does KNOW TO VIDEO solve?

    • By transforming traditional text and image information into videos, KNOW TO VIDEO makes the transmission of information more vivid and intuitive, reducing the barrier to understanding complex topics like blockchain technology.

  3. In what scenarios does KNOW TO VIDEO have potential applications?

    • KNOW TO VIDEO can be applied in almost any scenario requiring information dissemination. It converts regular text and image information into videos and allows for style adjustments through prompt words, making videos more appealing to specific target audiences.

  4. What is the economic model of KNOW TO VIDEO?

    • KNOW TO VIDEO is part of the project, with 30% of all revenue allocated for dividends, distributed among Genesis NFT holders, KNOWI token holders, and content creators.

  5. What is the relationship between KNOW TO VIDEO and KNOW TO EARN?

    • KNOW TO VIDEO is a product of the KNOW TO EARN project, with a wide range of applications. It generates revenue by creating value for users and combines with the project's DeFi capabilities for steady progress.

  6. What features does KNOW TO VIDEO offer?

    • Auto-generated videos: Driven by AI technology, tailored to user-provided themes.

    • Multilingual support: Including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, etc.

    • Support for various video lengths: 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 60 seconds, and more, adjustable according to user needs.

  7. How many languages does KNOW TO VIDEO support?

    • Currently, it supports Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.

  8. How many different video lengths can be generated?

    • Supports 20-second, 40-second, 60-second videos, with adjustable lengths according to user requirements.

  9. What is the core technology or competitive edge?

    • Fine-tuned training based on large models, focusing on knowledge visualization in video generation, ensuring high content quality.

  10. How does it charge its users?

    • Priced in IoTeX, approximately in USD: 20-second video for $0.7, 40-second video for $1.4, 60-second video for $2.1. Discounts are available for bulk purchases using IoTeX.

  11. What are the future feature plans?

    • Adding more language output support, video dubbing features, image-to-video conversion and editing (a pioneering feature), and story-based videos (creating narrative stories, maintaining consistency in characters and scenes, akin to a short film).

  12. How is marketing and promotion being conducted?

    • Focusing on Twitter and YouTube as the main platforms, regularly releasing short videos to build a brand image, organizing theme-based events for users to create videos, with winners receiving IoTeX rewards.

  13. Which public chains are supported?

    • Currently supports IoTeX, with plans to add mainstream public chains like Ethereum for payment, as well as traditional currencies like USD for web2 users.

  14. How are dividends claimed?

    • Dividends can be claimed daily under the dividend menu on

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