Users generate knowledge question questions through their own blockchain expertise, or participate in other people's knowledge question and answer questions, grow in the process of question creation a

Genesis NFT

You can buy and hold Genesis NFTs, it is a limited edition, a total of 135 will be issued (including 125 ordinary Genesis NFTs and 10 VIP Genesis NFTs), each one is carefully designed, and each one will Related to a blockchain knowledge.
Some Genesis NFTs can be used for chat emoticons, which are specially designed and optimized for emoticons.
Genesis NFT will participate in the project's dividend income (see below for details)

Student Status

Student status is the basic threshold for learning

Having a student status is the basis for participating in learning mining. A user can hold multiple student status at the same time to improve the efficiency of learning and mining (increase the output of KNOW).

There are different rental times for student status

You need to make sure your student status is valid
There are 3 types of validity period of student status:
5-day validity: The price is 1500IOTX;
10-day validity: The price is 3000IOTX;
Valid for 30 days: The price is 9000IOTX.

Knowledge base

Definition of Knowledge

A set of knowledge points composed of blockchain-related knowledge introduction and a question and answer question, users can learn, answer and share.
Published knowledge cannot be modified directly (modifications require a post-discussion adjustment proposal process, see below).

source of knowledge creation

project team

Presentation of the topic

Classic Q&A
Game interaction: connecting questions, categorization questions, consecutive elimination, memory cards, etc.

The core process of participation

Learning----answering questions----participating in discussions

systems and types of knowledge

Positioned in the blockchain sector: blockchain foundation, consensus mechanism, public chain, ecological projects, anti-fraud, tools, data, etc. Including but not limited to Iotex public chain

The content of knowledge

A piece of content (text, picture, video)
One question
Multiple answers (correct and distracting answers)

Confirmation of professional degree of knowledge Initially,

the platform will release and confirm it (for example, iotex officially provides relevant knowledge question bank)
In the later stage, the confirmation is based on the decentralized node method (the nodes of each section are selected to form the expert node group of different sections; more than two-thirds of the nodes are confirmed, and the knowledge question and answer will be cast and released)

Learning Kit

You can purchase additional learning kits for your student status only after you have purchased your student status; you can only purchase a learning kit once per student status. Learning Kit is really a game of probability. You need to spend the same IOTX as your student status to buy a learning kit with up to 3 times the mining output. There are 5 stalls here. They are 1 times, 1.5 times, 2 times, 2.5 times and 3 times respectively. The magnification is randomized. It depends on your luck. If you win 2x, you have no additional mining output. If it's higher than 2x, you've earned it. Below 2 times, you are not worth.
You don't necessarily need to purchase an add-on learning kit. If you want to add a little more excitement, you can try to do so.

Specific gameplay

Participate in the creation of knowledge

Users can leverage their blockchain expertise to participate in knowledge creation.
As the creator of knowledge, you can get platform revenue dividends (see the economic model for details).

Participate in learning (answer questions)

Participating in learning (answering questions) can mine to produce KNOW

Issue a request to modify knowledge

If a user has a suggestion to modify a certain knowledge, he can initiate a modification request, and after receiving more than 100 votes of support, the knowledge will be modified. The user who initiates the modification can take 10% of the original author's dividend income.
A knowledge point can be revised up to 10 times, and each time the revision is successful, 10% of the original author's dividend income will be distributed until all parts are completed.

Knowledge creators can get rewards from the Dividend Pool (IOTX)

20% of the project's revenue pool is allocated to all knowledge creators
The income of each knowledge creator = total income * 20% * the ratio of the number of knowledge questions created by users to the total number of knowledge questions.

Influence the way you get KNOW

number of student status

The more student status, the more KNOW rewards you get

number of correct answers

The more correct answers, the more KNOW rewards you get

Validity period of student status

Participate in learning only within the validity period

learning kit

Holding a learning kit can improve learning efficiency and increase the reward output of KNOW

Number of wrong questions answered

Once the user answers incorrectly, KNOW will be consumed, and the amount of KNOW consumed is the same as the amount of rewards

Questions and answers appear randomly

The questions appear randomly, and the user cannot choose to answer a particular question.

Daily Learning PK Contest

8:00PM every day to 7:59:59 the next day is the statistical time of the game

Participants need to consume KNOW to complete the registration

The KNOW registered for the competition will be destroyed
The registration fee required to participate in the daily PK competition is calculated as follows:
The previous day's project income* 0.05*0.005/2/ (the current price of KNOW/IOTX)
After the registration is successful, you cannot withdraw in the middle
After the registration is successful, the statistical ranking will begin. And it will end automatically after the current period ends. If you enter the top 75, you will get a bonus according to the rules. If you do not enter the top 75, there will be no bonus; whether you get a bonus or not, the know consumed by the registration will not be returned and will be destroyed.

The top 75 entrants can get a 5% reward in the dividend yield pool (IOTX)

1st 20% 80 X
2-5 20% 20 X
6-15th 20% 8 X
16-35th 20% 4 X
36-75th 20% 2 X

Traveling Miles Plan

Definition: It is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. Get out there and learn as you go.
Based on: IoTex's unique mete-pebble, by authorizing users' off-chain trusted geographic location data, users are encouraged to "the world is so big, I want to see it" and grow while traveling.
Execution plan: The system provides knowledge check-in points. After arriving at the location and staying **** time, it will give travel knowledge check-in rewards.