Economic Model

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The economic model must be able to solve the ecological business closed loop of each participant

There is revenue, there is expenditure, while providing value to users.

Service value

The value of learning and growth---the question maker grows through sharing (teaching and learning), and the learner increases cognition through learning

Dividends and governance rights are cut out through dual-token design.

A good economic model can address liquidity provision and the rationality of income distribution Of course, a good economic model is more inseparable from a good deflation mechanism and token lock-up mechanism to maintain a stable rising currency price We design the economic model based on the above

Token basic situation

Dual Token Design

Main token: KNOW

Output scene:

Learn by answering questions

The mining output of KNOW follows the following logics:

1. Only those with valid student status can learn to mine;

2. The output of $KNOW is unidirectionally linked with the price of $KNOW, the price of $KNOW increases, and the output of $KNOW decreases; the $KNOW generated by the price drop remains unchanged.

scenes to be used:

Consume KNOW to sign up for the daily PK competition;

Add KNOW/IOTX liquidity and stake to mine KNOWI

More games and malls will be launched one after another, adding more usage scenarios of KNOW

Dividend and governance token: KNOWI

Output scenario---Provide and stake KNOW/IOTX liquidity mining

Scenarios --- stake KNOWI to participate in project dividend income, DAO governance

Total supply

Main token(KNOW): 1,000,000,000,000,000

Dividend and governance token(KNOWI): 10,000,000

Token lock-up mechanism

Stake and lock KNOW/IOTX liquidity, output dividend and governance token KNOWI

Stake and lock KNOWI, participate in project dividend income

Dividends and DAO Governance

Source of income (iotx)

20% of Genesis NFT income goes into the dividends pool

100% of student status income goes into the dividends pool

100% of the learning kit income goes into the dividends pool

Distribution ratio of dividend pool (iotx)

Community 60%

Genesis nft holders 5%

Questioner 20%

Governance token KNOWI stakers 30%

The top 75 winners of the daily pk contest 5%

Node 5%

Review node

Buyback 5%

Used to buy back KNOW and burn

Project side 30%

team operation/project development/marketing/liquidity

DAO governance

Users who hold KNOWI participate in the governance, and the details need to be improved.

Distribution of KNOW Tokens

Team, 15%, 1% released every month, released in 15 months

Airdrop, 1%

Operation management, 5%

User learning mining output 79%​

Deflationary mechanism

Daily pk contest, the registered KNOW will be destroyed

Answering the question incorrectly will consume KNOW and be destroyed.

Take out 5% of Iotx from the dividend pool through the official to repurchase KNOW and destroy it

A 10% service fee is charged from the KNOW generated by the user's mining, and these KNOW are also destroyed.

More games and malls that are launched one after another will consume KNOW, and these KNOW will eventually be destroyed

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